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February 1, 2016 | 15:54
Make your choice today: DVD or gift voucher!
Make your choice today: DVD or gift voucher!
With your premium membership you are entitled to receive the Elektor Volume 2015 DVD. We are happy to post this to you, but we also imagine that you might rather receive a gift voucher worth €10 (approx. $11)*, considering that you can already view as well as download all of the DVD contents. As a GOLD Member, you have automatic, free access to our library of digital content worth thousands of euros!

You therefore have a choice:
  1. You want the Elektor Volume 2015 DVD. No problem, we can send this to you!
  2. You know your way round our online library and do not need any additional DVDs. No problem, we will send you a €10 (approx. $11) gift voucher redeemable in the Elektor Store.

Fill out the form below and inform us of your choice!

Please note: the DVD or voucher choice is only available if you hold an Elektor GOLD Membership. Offer not valid if you have an Elektor GREEN Membership or Elektor Trial Membership.

The DVD 2015 Signup Form (EN) is only available to Elektor Members.
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* Please note: the gift voucher is valid in the Elektor Store on every purchase of €25 or more.
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