Free Article of the Week! USB Pseudo Battery

September 12, 2019 | 00:00
Free Article of the Week! USB Pseudo Battery
Free Article of the Week! USB Pseudo Battery
Original publication: Elektor magazine September 2015, page 102.

Author: Danny Winkler.

Free download expires: Friday 20 September 2019.

Elektor PCB available: yes, low stock. Extra boards available by 23 September 2019, please check article page

Please Note: Four years since its original publication, the referred article may contain components, software elements and/or linked urls that require updating to the present moment.

In one respect all batteries are identical: sooner or later they die on you! Even rechargeable types are not immune from this problem, as they always need charging again. This makes indoor use inconvenient of devices designed only for portable use, with no provision for connecting an AC adapter. All the same, wherever you find electronic gadgets a solution is not far away. A pseudo-battery with a USB connection provides permanent power.


Go to the article page and download a pdf copy of the magazine article. Downloading is free until Friday 20 September, 2019

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