Oh, the Raw Power: Siglent SPD3000X Lab Power Supply

October 2, 2019 | 11:24
Photo from Mr. Reps’ video below
From your lab power supply, you look for power, infallible reliablility and, however much current it is supplying, stability of a gazlillionth of a volt; an almost instinctive reticence that is sorely tested in this area in the face of anything that is not a-na-lo-gue…

Now, the Siglent SPD3000X programmable DC lab power supply is, rightly, striking for its beautiful TFT liquid crystal screen. Since this one displays essential parameters and output voltage waveforms in real time, and its graphical interface is of exceptional clarity, does that carry enough weight to sway the opinion of old greybeards?

That works!

Discover below how even a staunch devotee of conventional power supplies with two precision meters, like Marco Reps, who refused to use any model made after his own date of birth, abandoned his prejudices.

Can we really take seriously someone who, to present to you a lab power supply of this calibre, parades it before his camera on a remote-control skateboard?

Yes, without hesitation if it is Marco. And while you see the Siglent SPD3303X hurtling around on a skateboard, you will hear Mr Reps explaining to you that thanks to LabView, you can incorporate this programmable power supply into complex projects, something that would be impossible with a-na-lo-gue. He starts off by doubting the appeal of the beautiful colour display, but that does not last long.

High resolution and great precision

The three isolated outputs of the Siglent SPD3303X are in one channel selectable to 2.5 V, 3.3 V and 5 V, and for the other channels, two independent outputs, regulated together or separately; the serial or parallel function allows combining both outputs into a single one to increase either the output current or the voltage range. The highest resolution is 1 mV / 1 mA.

The total output power is 220 W but the device is notably silent. The configuration is easy and the settings can be saved and recalled in the blink of an eye.

The overload and short circuit protection capabilities make it a fine tool for development or production work.
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