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sixtyfive 5 minutes ago
Hello, I just finished mounting all elements end carefully followed all of the nice assembly manual (except serial settings). I have powered the circuit with a 9V 300mA adapter. But after one hour I see only 00.00 µSv/h. With the "select" button, and "Buzzer & Led On", I  can hear the radiation detections and see the led blink. But the Count CPM stay 00000. Is there some minimum settings to do before mesuring any radiation ? Or where I am wrong ? Best regards Dominique
Environmental Monitoring System with ESP32
Mansueto Grech
Mansueto Grech 3 hours ago
Hi Joost, Came across this project and was woundering if you happen to have any pcb for the project. Thank you and well done
GPS assisted 10 MHz frequency reference
JakkeTet 16 hours ago
I'm still waiting for the PCB, it may take a few days more since that virus ... as soon as the pcb's are fitted with the parts I'll post some pics. In the mean time you can have a look on github at the Eagle cad files, if somebody is interested I can post the Kicad files too. Grüss, Jacques
Firmware update ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
Sascha Löbbert
Sascha Löbbert 19 hours ago
Nice work! I will use some of the code for my weatherstation. But I have one question. Where did you install the new sensors and the particle sensor? Do you have some images for me/us? That would be great!
Firmware update ESP32 Weather Station (180468)
Colin Gunn
Colin Gunn 1 day ago
Completed the preamp and have it connected to a Q-watt amp for testing  The sound overall is impressive but have one concern and that is the treble adjustment  There is none  Have connect a AC volt meter to the output to monitor amplitude  change while making adjustment to the treble .  Have not seen any change on either channel  Any comments or suggestion would be  Appreciated The bass amplitude voltage change is huge. 
Preamplifier 2012 (1) - introduction and line-in/tone/volume board (110650)