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vigil 2 hours ago
Hi, Great box, it looks nice. I looked at your schematics, maybe you could try to study it's loop gain stability and improve it with simulation. it's a very interesting subject. Best regards
Electronic load for DC and AC
Russin Sir Bullar
Russin Sir Bullar 9 hours ago
Now I have purchased a 150 W solder tip and a switched power supply that provides 12 V and just over 12 A. I saw the software change you made - excellent! The question I ask is now if I move (desolder) the FET IRF 9540 that sits there on the circuit board to a heat sink so that any power dissipation that may occur is taken care of - can there be anything else that I forgot to think about? And I am aware of the fact that :  It is stated that alterations in hard- and software are NOT supported by Elektor. Grateful for answers !
180348 DIY soldering station
johns 2 days ago
Would it be possible to post the Eagle files (or whatever you are using, they looked like eagle to me) so that I can have the boards manufactured?  This is exactly what I have been looking for to dynamically test power supplies. If anyone else is interested, I can make the boards available at cost plus postage. Thanks
Electronic load for DC and AC
LucDB 3 days ago
Thank you Rainer, perhaps I can do the simulation with the LTSpice files you provided. I understand for the RMS calculation.  DCC is block wave signal (+/-,  no return to zero). After rectification in the load, it will probaly look more like DC... Best regards, Luc
Electronic load for DC and AC
Rainer Schuster
Rainer Schuster 3 days ago
I tested the load up to 100Hz. This is the limit for calculation of RMS volts and amps wich is done in software. Maybe the max. frequency of the load itself can be increased by optimizing the load circuitry.
Electronic load for DC and AC