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Adrien 1 hour ago
Hi, I got a few spare LEDs from kt-el as you suggested, very fast. Replaced the defective one, everything ok now. Thank you for your support. The spare LEDs will possibly serve others. Best regards!
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
JN 1 hour ago
Hi Jennifer, nice project, but I am not sure if I understand it fully. The gateway is forwarding the switch message via Ethernet/WiFi to the Internet, right? Why do we have to use a LoRaWAN Cloud service like or TTN in that case? It could be any other cloud service too, couldn't it?
My mouse is connected to the Wide Area Network !
ClemensValens 6 hours ago
It is a Doppler radar, it only detects moving objects. The transceiver module outputs a signal when, due to movement, the frequency of the reflected pulse differs from the transmitted pulse. Because it does not output the trigger pulse itself, you can't measure the time between the TX pulse and the arrival at the antenna of the reflection. Distance measurements are therefore not possible with this radar. Using the received signal level is also not possible because that depends on the radar cross section of the object, i.e. its capacity to reflect the TX pulse. A truck does not have the same refelctivity as a human being. Only if the radar cross section is always exactly the same (identical objects, identical angle of incidence, etc.) can you try to do an estimate of the distance based on signal level (if other conditions don't change).
Experimental Doppler Radar [160385]
ThijsBeckers 6 hours ago
Hmm, it seems that L1 has disappeared from the component list. We used a 4.7 uH, 1.72A (Irms), 1.65A (Isat), 0.082 ohms, shielded inductor from the WE-TPC series from Würth, Farnell # 1635841.
Isolated USB to DMX512 Converter(160493)
androsio 11 hours ago
Given the complexity of the project, and the few resources available, I have decided to divide the clock into two ranges. The basic range called AWBS and the advanced range called AWAS. The AWBS model will consist only of GPS hardware, a display and a small microcontroller. On the other side, the AWAS model will have all the features and some things more implemented in software. In the next days I will advance with the proof of concept.
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