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ClemensValens 3 hours ago
The BoM has been published (as usual) in the Elektor magazine article about this project (DE, NL & FR, for some reason there is no English version), so you could download one of them.
3D printer head and mat temperature controller using Arduino [130500-I]
Lucky 6 hours ago
The second issue is caused by the first one: you should add the ESP8266 plugin to the Arduino IDE first: Start Arduino and open Preferences window. Enter into Additional Board Manager URLs field. You can add multiple URLs, separating them with commas. Open Boards Manager from Tools > Board menu and find esp8266 platform. Select the version you need from a drop-down box. Click install button. Don't forget to select your ESP8266 board from Tools > Board menu after installation.
Scrolling text display [160491]
jean-pierre BADOUX
jean-pierre BADOUX 6 hours ago
Bonjour, Je n'arrive pas à modifier les paramètres de sleeptime et wakeuptime Je les modifie dans le fichier texte et les transmets avec Putty, mais ils ne restent pas dans la mémoire Merci de votre aide Bonne journée
6-digit VFD Clock with ESP32
nikki Fenton
nikki Fenton 18 hours ago
Thank you ! I just need to look through schematic now for the BOM. Thanks Nikki
3D printer head and mat temperature controller using Arduino [130500-I]
Uncle 1 day ago
First in Arduino IDE I can't find "Generic ESP8266 module as a target card. Second, the software package doesn't contains all necessary files. This is the error I get in Arduino IDE: Arduino: 1.8.8 (Windows Store (Windows 10), Board: "Arduino/Genuino Uno" _140491-11_V3:35:25: error: ESP8266WiFi.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. exit status 1 ESP8266WiFi.h: No such file or directory This report would have more information with "Show verbose output during compilation" option enabled in File -> Preferences. Other files mentioned in the magazine text: ESP8266WiFi.h and ESP8266Webserver.h are not available as well. Please help  
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