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TiemeKuyper 1 hour ago
There are indeed much more options for the TRIAC. I am not experienced with SSR's. Sure will work as well.
Mains Power Driver by MCU DC or PWM
AadjeApparaatje 6 hours ago
I am using the ESP32 PICO V4 Kit   (Gracefully received for Elektor) First got it working with help of this link  Then looking further I tried:  arduino esp32  :   selected board ESP32Dev   (pin out is different but it seems to work.)   The Arduino examples for ESP32 Dev Module are very usefull: used e.g. example WiFisScan to find my router and test the range  (Near the mailbox there is sigal but it seems very low.   -80..-70db ) WPS example also works but don't  how to store the found data yet. ESP32/Time/SimpleTime give you the ntp network time.    ​ Googled for esp32 and email and found this: After a few modifications got it working with ESP32 and Gmail.
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ClemensValens 6 hours ago
Start Frame Detection has its own interrupt vector USART0_START_vect (and USART1_START_vect) which is unknown to the basic Arduino core. However, it is available in our Uno R4 boards package. This means that you can provide your own ISR for it, like this: ISR(USART0_START_vect) { } You must, of course, set the SFDE and RX(S)IE bits. Unfortunately, the most recent datasheet does not mention where these bits live. In an older datasheet I found UCSR0D & UCSR1D (USART Control and Status Register n D) but these registers have disappeared meaning that this feature is no longer supported? They are also not in the register definition file. The registers are (were) at 0xc3 & 0xcb, so if you add these defines to your program you can use them as you use other registers & bits: #define UCSR0D  _SFR_MEM8(0xC3) #define SFDE0 5 #define RXS0 6 #define RXIE0 7 #define UCSR1D  _SFR_MEM8(0xCB) #define SFDE1 5 #define RXS1 6 #define RXIE1 7 This is all untested and since it is undocumented, it may not work at all, and even result in unexpected/undesired behaviour. Please let us know if you manage to get this to work.
Elektor Uno R4 [150790]
John Cronin
John Cronin 11 hours ago
Seriously, I would start with something like this.. You can put the relay/switch in a NEMA or IEC enclosure (junction box) and the rest of the electronics in its own separate enclosure.  
Mains Power Driver by MCU DC or PWM
JPe 15 hours ago
you can connect the rxd pin to another input pin and use the change of signal as a wake up trigger.
Elektor Uno R4 [150790]