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mwick83 4 hours ago
The software is progressing, maybe a little slower than I planned. But that's mainly a problem of finding some free time to work on it. The current github checkins update the main controlling loop that keeps track of upcoming events. The events are represented by a separate class (IrrigationEvent), which are managed by the IrrigationPlanner. The planner is being periodically polled by the main controller task. The planner is still missing a query method for the actual tasks to perform. It also uses only hard-coded events, but that will suffice for now. The hardware is also starting to take shape. I mounted the board in the IP67 enclosure. I ordered a buck+boost converter plus a switching AC/DC power supply. The buck+boost converter combo is used to later power the device by solar (+ battery backup), which varies widely in the input voltage, i.e. it can be below or over the needed voltage of the connected pump (approximatly 14VDC). All the components have now been properly mounted within the enclosure, including fuses on the primary (mains) side and both secondary power rails.
Irrigation Controller
Manfred Häfner
Manfred Häfner 5 hours ago
What is the lifetime of these cheap ultrasonic sensors in the humid ambient air ?
Remote water level meter – a need of the hour
bera 1 day ago
Thanks for taking interest in my project. Yes, you can. Just maintain the following pin connections of the UNO RD -> A0 WR ->A1 RS -> A2 CS ->A3 RST ->A4 D0 ->D-8 D1 ->D-9 D2 ->D-2 D3 ->D-3 D4 ->D-4 D5 ->D-5 D6 ->D-6 D7 ->D-7 3.3 volt ->3.3 volt Gnd -> Gnd
4” TFT Analog-GPS clock on Arduino
ybourdon 1 day ago
Juste replace  #include <Time.h> with #include <TimeLib.h> That should fix the problem !
DCF77 emulator with ESP8266
Alectronic 1 day ago
Very interesting! But where is the complete article ? (your comment *See article *??). Also interesting was the previous Elektor FPGA expansion board, which however won't be complete without the now sadly obsolete FPGA Board. I gladly would pay the 40 euro for the FPGA Expansion Board which includes all components as kit, but it will never work without the FPGA Board being the heart of that Board's system. Although this new project is marked as being completed, it still seems not being available? (not until next Elektor magazine May/June?  after about 3 months of waiting?)  When will it be available and what does this complete FPGA board (kit?) going to cost? I think it is a good thing that it has a standard JTAG interface on-board. Working with a SD card like in the previous Elektor FPGA project was done seemed a bit troublesome.   Thanks.
MAX II CPLD breakout board [160425]