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Zener131 4 hours ago
Good evening. There are good websites about DIY lava lamps, with various recipes to have 2 immiscible fluids. Some crazy people use water and some fuel (to be heated around 90°C, sic !), then the best solution is to use water and wax, but since the wax density is ~0.7, it must be mixed with some heavy solvent, like tetrachloroethylene... With also a drop of dishwashing liquid to adjust the size of the wax bubbles. To be done at established working temperature. I did it and it works fine. Maybe other solutions could be found that work at a lower temperature. There are sealed plastic deco objects with such a couple of fluids inside, but I don't know what it is. And would such fluids behave as lava, this is not sure. Then the goal could be to create new original lava lamps this way (the creative way), or to convert existing ones once the light bulbs they need have been banned, what should happen soon. This is the main goal of this project, and actually the most electronic part.
Sauvons la lampe lava / Save the lava lamp
Volker 8 hours ago
Dear Johannes, thank you for your comment. We have recruited 250 schools now and mushroom collecting will happen during the autumn. The samples will be analyzed until and beyond Xmas 2018 with hopefully first publishable results early 2019. They will be certainly announced on the project website My colleagues prepared a movie to illustrate the scope of the project, see the link to the Youtube video. Regarding extensions of the software mentioned in the text (the summer project), I will  place a pointer in the comments to the project.  
Radiomush, radiology of mushrooms, 30+ years after Tjernobyl
ClemensValens 15 hours ago
After reading up on lava lamps it seems to me that the difficulty is more in the liquid/wax combination than in heating it. Or do you want to repair a broken lamp?
Sauvons la lampe lava / Save the lava lamp
Johannes Henze
Johannes Henze 1 day ago
I hope you have time during summer. That map you are writing about would be quite interesting to see. I can still remember that I was not allowed to play outside after the Tjernobyl accident. Is there any website, where the results from your studies are published?
Radiomush, radiology of mushrooms, 30+ years after Tjernobyl
Jean.Noel 3 days ago
I found this on the Web:
Analog Theremin