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Peter K Carnegie
Peter K Carnegie 21 hours ago
Hi Lars Hmm :( OK, I'll have to do some thinking and examining of code to see what/how this problem occurs/can be overcome. Apologies for the problem. Can U please check that U have MSComm32.ocx located in your c:\windows\syswow64 directory - this is the OCX which the G8JCFSDR uses to manipulate the COM ports ? Right, debugging hat on ! 73 Peter - GM8JCF
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]
Lars  Jacobsen
Lars Jacobsen 1 day ago
Hi, Nope same error 73 Lars
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]
schorty 1 day ago
Hi guys, sorry for my late reply but I actually forgot about my post.   Here is the .ino file of my version for the elektor barometer. Anyway, I would be glad to receive some feedback (bugs, hints, suggestions etc.) If you have questions please post them here. cheers Werner
Baroduino - Barograph with Arduino and 2,2" TFT screen [150425]
Erik Norby
Erik Norby 1 day ago
Very nice project and very nice amplifier! Are you sure to use the 'connection to T1' side of L1:After everything is connected switch on the amplifier and check the PWM frequency of both channels, it should be 400 kHz. You can measure it at L1 (connection to T1) without any input signal. Adjust P1 if this is not the case. If you’re not able to measure the frequency place both P1s in mid position. When I try this, I can adjust in the range from 2-3 MHz. On the other side of L1 I can adjust to 400 KHz?
200W Class-D Audio Power Amplifier [150115]
Peter K Carnegie
Peter K Carnegie 1 day ago
Hi Lars Understand, so it's something specific to the Elektor SDR Shield part of the S/W. Ah, I think I know what it is - my instructions were incorrect - apologies. Step 4 should be 4)  Click on "Serial I/F" tab, and select the appropriate Com Port; only port numbers 1~10 are valid (I must release a new version which only shows 1-10 !!). Click Apply, Click OK to exit config. Then re-enter Config by clicking the Config button and continue onto step 5. I think the error is because when you did Step 5, although Step 4 selected the COM port, that selection wasn't actually active, which is why I amended Step 4 to include the Apply, OK part. Please give it a go and let us know what happens (hopefully success !) 73 Peter
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]