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bera 7 hours ago
Hi , I'm extending this project combined with CAN bus switching schemes (That's another project of mine) to make it for city smart lighting. Such that every street light of a city can be controlled using remote LoRa telemetry which in turn will give command to the CAN bus nodes to switch on or off any street light of the city. Bera
Very long range remote telemetry using LoRa Repeater
TonGiesberts 8 hours ago
If the modulator really runs on 2-3 MHz T1 would burn out. Did you use a oscilloscoop? The signal at the output of T1 should be a square wave of 400 kHz with a peak-peak amplitude of the powersupply voltages (without any input signal)!
200W Class-D Audio Power Amplifier [150115]
MJB 13 hours ago
With the latest firmware update, the REMI is now not so "Rudimentary"... so the meaning of the acronym could justifiably be changed to "Refined Electronic Music Instrument".MIDI controller implementation is complete and fully operational. The built-in sound synthesizer is fully operational and almost complete, with newly added instrument patches. With an audio sample rate of 40kHz and dynamic range of 66dB, the sound quality has exceeded my original expectations. Further enhancements to the REMI synth are planned.This firmware release (v0.9) includes changes and additions outlined below... Modified the PIC32 initialization code to enable the Prefetch Cache, resulting in (approx) 2.3 times faster CPU execution speed! This mod allows the audio sample rate to be increased to 40kHz. Added Vibrato effects to the built-in synth... Vibrato can be configured to be controlled by the Modulation Lever (variable depth) or by the PRESET button which acts as an "Effect Switch" when a note is sounding. Revised method of storing wave-tables in flash memory... Instead of storing the actual wave sample values in an array of size equal to the wave-table size (number of samples), only a tiny set of wave-table parameters necessary to regenerate each wave-table is stored in flash, resulting in a huge saving in program memory space. Whenever a Preset/Patch is selected, the assigned wave-table is regenerated in a RAM buffer. Added basic PWM-controlled analog filter support using patch parameters for configuration. For more details, refer to the Firmware Release Notes in the download package.Planned for future revisions: Add more patches, user wave-tables, osc. noise modulation, etc, to built-in synth(v1.x)-- Version 1.0 will implement all features originally planned for the REMI, plus more. Support REMI 'Minor' (v2) SPI front panel 7-seg LED display and button (v2.0) Support MIDI IN comm's (UART RX data) to control built-in synth (v2.x) Firmware, including source code, can be downloaded from the author's project website:  
Rudimentary Electronic Musical Instrument and MIDI Controller
Peter K Carnegie
Peter K Carnegie 17 hours ago
Hi Lars Thanks for the info. I'm adding extensive instrumentation/logging to the Elektor SDR Shield part of the code which I will send to you, so that we can (try and) find out more precisely where "Run-tme error '438';" is occuring. Unfortunately this will take me a few days, maybe even a week. Hopefully I will have something to send you to try out in a few days time. 73 Peter - GM8JCF
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]
Lars  Jacobsen
Lars Jacobsen 18 hours ago
Hi Peter Yes, I have that file in the folder 73 Lars
Software Defined Radio (SDR) shield for Arduino [150515-1]