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Michel Förch
Michel Förch 12 hours ago
I'm so sorry for not answering your question earlier! (weren't there notifications when there is a comment on your own project? -.- ) I'm not sure wether it is too late to help you, but I will look for the code and upload it here next days.  Quick update: The project is now dead for about a year now. First problem was that version 3.0 killed 2 SIDs in a row without any obvious reason. The latest version used a raspberry pi and some logic ICs to communicate with the SID. The Pi itself runs an 6502 emulator which I wrote for a school project to interpret the SID-files. After about one day of debugging it played most of the tunes the Hardware-Player could do. But then after about a week of operation the first 6581 quit without any prewarnings. I thought it was just old and "had to die" but the next Chip (8580) was fried just about 2-3 hours of playing later. Now I'm not sure wether it was just a bad coicidence or my player doing something wrong. A nano SwinSID worked great BTW. : I also started to study and time is pretty rare at the moment. Maybe I will give it another try in the future. As I said I will try to find the code, but don't expect to much. It's a mess :D Best regards Michel
MOS6581/MOS8580 based Chiptunes-Player for .SID-file-format
Richard Shadbolt
Richard Shadbolt 1 day ago
Hi, With regards to the inductor of 22uH - the design uses what i assume is a toroidal core to create the inductor - increases the inductance per given number of turns. I have not analysed the inductor behaviour, but i again assume that the toroidal core will have a specific B/H curve which although it may have a very low coercive force to magnetise the core, this will still introduce a non linearity to the circuit. Was the inductor designed to have a small PCB footprint, hence the use of the toroid core ?. If the PCB was redesigned for an air cored inductor, are there any design considerations or issues, in using an air cored inductor ? I propose to use the following for a redesigned PCB : TT Electronics : HA55L-3623220LF 22uH@100kHz, 34Amps power inductor. Or a Jantzen air cored inductor. Thanks and regards, Richard.
200W Class-D Audio Power Amplifier [150115]
Alexander gam19 Grigorev
Alexander gam19 Grigorev 1 day ago
Time lib
DCF77 emulator with ESP8266
Alexander gam19 Grigorev
Alexander gam19 Grigorev 3 days ago
How to increase the pulse generation time?
DCF77 emulator with ESP8266
avaldebe 4 days ago
Nice indeed.
Micro I2C-Scanner with 0.96" Oled and ATtiny44