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Horticulture Box

A grow light using ‘horticulture’ LEDs from Würth Elektronik

Based on a Labs project | June 2019 | Find it here
Horticulture Box
The use of and research into, artificial electric light sources to stimulate plant growth dates to the second half of the 19th century. It closely followed the development of human electric lighting, which can be divided into three main paths of development: incandescent, open-arc and enclosed gas discharge lamps. And of course, our cherished LEDs are now being used for horticultural purposes too. Here we present a plant-friendly LED light source that leaves little to be desired.
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Component list

Component List, Driver Board



R1,R4,R7,R10 = 3.48kΩ, thick film, 1%, 0.125W, 150V

R2,R5,R8,R11 = 3kΩ, thick film, 1%, 0.125W, 150V

R3,R6,R9,R12 = 2.32kΩ, thick film, 1%, 0.1W, 150V

R13,R14,R15,R16 = 10kΩ, thick film, 5%, 0.1W, 150V

R17,R18,R19,R22,R23,R24,R25,R26 = 1kΩ, thick film, 5%, 0.1W, 150V

R20 = 2.7kΩ, thick film, 5%, 0.1W, 150V

R21 = 1.6kΩ, thick film, 1%, 0.125W, 150V



L1,L4,L5,L8,L9,L12,L13,L16 = EMI suppression ferrite, 1500Ω@100MHz, 0805, WE-CBF

L2,L6,L10,L14 = SMD common mode line filter 10µH, 1.6A, WE-SL2

L3,L7,L11,L15 = SMD power inductor, 10µH, 800mA, WE-PD2, size 3521

L17 = SMD power inductor 2.2µH, 2.5A, WE-PD2, size 4532

L18 = power inductor (SMD), 470µH, 600mA, WE-PD 1050

L19,L20,L21,L22,L23 = ferrite bead, 31Ω, 3A, size 1206



C1,C5,C9,C13,C20 = 4.7µF, 100V, 7.7 x 6.3mm

C2,C6,C10,C14,C18,C19,C29 = 100nF, 100V, X7R, 0805

C3,C4,C7,C8,C11,C12,C15,C16,C21 = 27µF, 100V, 20%, 8mm, radial

C17 = 47µF, 10V, 2312

C22 = 4.7µF, 50V, X7R, 1210

C23 = 100µF, 10 V, 5.5 x 5.5mm

C24,C25,C26,C27 = 2.2µF, 100V, X7R, 1210

C28 = 1nF, 16V, X7R, 0603



D1,D2 = MBRS540, 40V, Vf=550 mV @ If=5A

LED1 = LED, green, 3mm

LED2 = LED, red, 3mm

LED3 = LED, yellow, 3mm

LED4 = LED, blue, 3mm

T1,T2 = BC847C, 45V, 100mA, 250mW, hfe=400

IC1,IC2,IC3,IC4 = MagI3C LED Step Down High Current, Würth 172946001

IC5 = LM2576HVS-ADJ, step-down regulator, 4-60V, 3A




S1,S2 = switch, tactile, 12V, 5 mA, 6x6mm

K1,K2,K3,K4,K8 = PCB terminal block, 0.2’’ pitch, 2-way, 630V

K5 = pinheader, 5-pin, 0.1" pitch, vertical

K6 = pinheader, 6-pin, 0.1" pitch, vertical

K7 = pinheader, 4-pin, 0.1" pitch, vertical

JP1,JP2,JP3,JP4,JP5,JP6,JP7,JP8,JP9 = jumper, 1x2, 0.1’’ pitch, vertical

4 pcs. jumper, 2-way, 0.1’’ pitch

PCB 180583-1 V2.01

Component List, LED Board



LED5,LED6,LED7,LED8,LED9,LED10,LED11,LED12,LED13 = high brightness LED, WL-SMDC series, red, 660nm, 125°, 700mA

LED14,LED15,LED16,LED17,LED18 = high brightness LED, WL-SMDC series, blue, 450 nm, 125 °, 700 mA

LED19,LED20,LED21,LED22 = high nrightness LED, WL-SMDC series, red, 730nm, 125°, 700mA

LED23,LED24,LED25,LED26,LED27 = high brightness LED, WL-SWTC series, white, 120°, 121lm, 6000K, 700mA



K1,K2,K3,K4 = PCB terminal block, 0.2’’ pitch, 2-way, 630V

PCB 180583-2 V1.1

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