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elektor µP's

elektor µP's
5-04 — elektor may 1980 elektor microprocessors No less than three microprocessor systems have been published to date by Elektor. To the beginner this may seem rather confusing. It is hoped that the following description wilt serve as a guide to anyone wishing to construct an Elektor system. The systems were published in the following chronological order: the SC/MP, the games computer and the Junior Computer (JC). Although the purpose of this article is to provide a general survey rather than a detailed discussion of the manifold possibilities of microprocessors, practical examples will be given by way of illustration. (This does not imply, however, that no other uses may be found for the sys- tems.) First of all, let us deal with the SC/MP (pronounced "scamp") system. Its princi- pal feature is its modular construction. The microprocessor of the same name is manufactured by National (type num- ber INS8060). This involves a number of printed circuit boards of the Euro- card form...
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