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greater simple sound effects

greater simple sound effects
5-20 — elektor may 1981 choke alarm In the continuous efforts by manufac- turers to make driving as easy as possible many of the control functions of the car are becoming automated. The choke did not escape the march of progress and for a time the fully automatic choke became a selling point. Unfortu- nately, they quicklygained a reputation, rightly or wrongly, of being both temperamental and uneconomical. The oil crisis finaly put paid to them on all but the most expensive carriages and A sound economy device Driving is a hazardous occupation on today"s roads and it is not surprisirig therefore that a minor thing like turning the choke off is easily forgotten. This not only adds enormously to the fuel bilt but also seriously increases wear in the engine. The circuit described here is designed to attract the driver"s attention to the choke by sounding an audible warning after a certain preset time period it back in. An indicator light is not a lot of help either since it tends t...
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