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PWM ampifier

PWM ampifier
5-22 — elektor may 1980 PWM amplifier In spite of some initial teething troubles, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is considered by many to be the next step in audio circuit design. The PWM amplifier de- scribed in the Elektor September 1979 issue has been used as a model for the following article. Although it has only a modest 3 watt output, it is a practical and efficient amplifier. E. Postma The subject of digital audio has been dealt with in Elektor before and cer- tainly will be again. The benefits are impressive, so much so that virtually all major manufacturers of audio equipment are investigating its possi- bilities. Recording companies too are aware of the potential of a digital system (digitally recorded records are already available commercially). Until quite recently, the performance of PWM amplifiers was disappointing due to the poor quality semiconductors used. With the introduction of modern high speed switching transistors, PWM is now coming of age. The PWM amplifier...
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