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digital barometer

digital barometer
9-12 — elektor september 1981 digital barometer digiM1 barometer an electronic weather station However hard we try, there"s not much we can do about the weather, except maybe draw up a short-term forecast of the rain showers ahead and repair the roof. Recently, National Semiconductor introduced a set of transducers to lend amateur meteorologists a helping hand when building their own barometer. This article describes a circuit that incorporates both pressure and temperature transducers and indicates the levels measured on a digital display. Although the idea to design a barometer for home construction has been around for some time, Elektor has had to put the project "on ice" until only quite recently, due to a number of problems "attached to it. For one thing, the pressure transducers required were so expensive that it was cheaper to buy a ready-made instrument. What is more, any attempt to build the device by less sophisticated means was doomed with failure, as its calibration ...
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