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transistor ignition update

transistor ignition update
9-48 — elektor september 1981 transistor ignition update transistor ignition uPdate A year has passed since Elektor pub- lished the transistor ignition system in the "car issue" (April 1980) and yet the project continues to interest and in some cases, judging by the letters we receive, puzzle our readers. This article will try to answer some of the more common queries and provide a few practical, constructional hints. Many readers have sent us their ideas on the subject, for which we are very grateful, as they have proved to be very useful indeed. The capacitor across the contact breaker Quite a few questions concern the capacitor across the contact breaker. As the April "80 article stated, this ca- pacitor must be retained even with elec- tronic ignition. Its capacitance, however, may not exceed 0.1 F. In combination with R1 a higher value will produce an excessive time constant, effectively retarding the ignition timing. One way to solve the problem would be to lower the value...
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