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flash meter - measures light in a flash

flash meter - measures light in a flash
flash meter elektor september 1984 The flash units used by most photographers today are carefully designed to provide the correct amount of light. This is only true, however, in standard circumstances: with the flash mounted on the camera and the aperture set to the value recommended for the flash unit. This is not usually very creative and it does not take into account the practice of using a number of flash units and/or ordinary lights. In these cases either a lot of arithmetic or this flash meter is required. The most obvious advantage of this meter over similar ready-made units is its lower cost but its versatility is what really makes this design stand out from the rest. flash meter measures light ... ...in a flash Modern cameras, and flash units for that matter, now contain quite a lot of elec- tronics to ensure that the photographs are correctly lit. It might seem somewhat un- necessary, therefore to have a separate (flash) light meter, but this is, in fact, not so. It is n...
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