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anodising aluminium - in your home workshop

anodising aluminium - in your home workshop
anodizing aluminium elektor september 1984 Ready-made equipment cases are often quite expensive and sometimes impossible to get in the dimensions required. In such instances many electronics hobbyists design and produce their own cases. As they often have neither the skill nor the tools to work with perspex or sheet iron, they invariably turn to aluminium, which is light, easy to work, and looks good. The only troubles with aluminium are that it does not look so good when it oxidizes and that it is easily scratched. The remedy for these troubles need not always be paint-spraying: anodizing is a worthwhile and attractive alternative. anodizing aluminium in your home workshop Anodizing is a process whereby a hard, non-corroding oxide film is deposited onto the aluminium. This film is harder and far more scratch-resistant than the aluminium itself; it also protects against fingerprints which can be a real nuisance. Ingredients and equipment required: caustic soda lye (1 : 10) nitric ...
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