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mini printer - with Centronics interface

mini printer - with Centronics interface
miniprinter elektor november 1984 Figure 1. The prototype of the completed mini printer. 11-30 • OE •• •• •• •• •• •• •• mini printer Many home computer enthusiasts dream of the day they will be able to get themselves a printer. Programming and editing on the monitor can be very tiring — to say the least. In many cases the Centronics interface is already available or, as in the Commodore 64, programmable. All that is needed, therefore, is a printer. Unfortunately, printers are still pretty expensive: a look at recent advertisements indicates a price range from about £200 to £500 (incl. VAT). So how would you like one for considerably less than £100? That"s all it costs to build our Mini Printer. As the article describes the principle of a dot matrix printer in some detail, it is also of interest to those who have no intention of building the printer. with Centronics interface nal ITTR ••• • •• •• UM 1111 •• •• • EU MUNE ...
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