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Satellite loudspeakers

Satellite loudspeakers
EE April 1986 Fig. 1. The Dynaudio Type 17W75 was used as the bass and middle fre- quency drive unit in the proto- type system. Noteworthy aspects of this unit are the centre magnet and the PHA (phase homogenous area) propylene cone. SATELLITE LOUDSPEAKERS Following on last month"s Active subwoofer, this article deals with the satellite loudspeakers that complement the subwoofer to give complete coverage of the audio spectrum. These satellites are, however; also perfectly suitable for independent use. Satellite loudspeakers are not a separate category of sound reproducing equipment; any loud- speaker whose bass performance should be improved could be classified as a satellite. So-called bookcase speakers are invariably satellites, because their modest di- mensions prohibit proper repro- duction of frequencies below about 100 Hz. If you are planning a new loud- speaker system, you could do worse than to opt for a subwoofer-satellites system. It is then, of course, best right from t...
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