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Electronic ignition

Electronic ignition
1 DRIVER COL LECTOR INPUT 11/, ,41 R111 kev ,1,1 CT 114,1 DWELL ,.;4,,, DM: Ll L.:0Ra COTEPr 0 . 12 10 REFERENCE] DWELL I CON ROL SLOW RECOVERY CIRCUIT OVERYOL "AGE PROIECnoN DRIVING STAGE .ZTE(",; C,L 15_0 02RVOLTAGE GND SIGNAL GNO POWER SUPPLY 3 N.C. HALL EFFECT INPUT RPM OUTPUT AUX ZENER RECOVERY TIME 8 16 4 DRIVER COLLECTOR INPUT OVERVOLT. LIMIT DRIVER EMITTER OUTPUT CURRENT SENSING 7,E " O 4TZ„Nc. -ONC 11 BIAS CURRENT DWELL CONTROL 10 MAX 9 CONDUCTION TIME Cl , I, DRIVER 0 EMITTER ORIPLIT POWER SUPPLY 00 DESIGN ABSTRACTS The contents of this column are based on information obtained from manufacturers in the electronics industry, or their representatives, and do not imply practical experience by Elektor Electronics or its consultants. ELECTRONIC IGNITION SGS-Ates have developed an IC, the Type L497, which contains all the necessary switching and control electronics to build a complete elec- tronic ignition system for petrol engines in con- junction with a contact breaker, a ...
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