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Colour video interface for Atari ST

Colour video interface for Atari ST
EE October 1986 30 by T Scherer COLOUR VIDEO INTERFACE FOR ATARI ST The Atari ST is one of the most significant new computers introduced in the past few years Unfortunately, one of its advanced features-the SCART video output-makes it impossible in many cases for the machine to be readily connected to a colour TV set or monitor. The interface presented here is aimed at overcoming this problem. Computers in the Atari ST series pro- vide a comprehensive set of out- put signals via a SCART socket. Although it was decided some years ago that this type of socket should become a European standard, there are still only few TV sets fitted with it. The name is an acronym of Syndicat des Constructeurs d"Appareils Radiorecepteurs et Televiseurs, the French association of radio and tele- vision manufacturers who proposed the 21-way plug-and-socket arrange- ment. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it may seem to build up a composite video (colour) signal from the Atari ST output. Howeve...
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