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Computer-Controlled Slide Fader (1)

Computer-Controlled Slide Fader (1)
30 COMPUTER-CONTROLLED SLIDE FADER (1) Revenge yourself on giggling friends and relatives joined to watch and criticize your clumsy slide presentation. This project gives the creativity you put in your colour slides an extra dimension in the true sense of the word. A chance for all mindful photographers and slide makers to stun their audience with a dazzling show of fading and dissolving images, sudden or gradual colour changes, the repeating of "theme" slides, and many more special effects, achieved by intelligent control of four slide projectors. EE March 1988 The main difficulty in making a slide presentation is to capture the attention of the audience. Television, the motion picture, and modern advertisement tech- niques prove beyond doubt that the degree of attention depends strongly on the rate at which the human mind ap- pears to perceive changing images. While appreciating the difference in character and objective between a well- prepared slide presentation and, say, a vid...
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