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Uniphase Loudspeaker System

Uniphase Loudspeaker System
36 EE March 1 -4 I •- 5-15130 -520 • a 8.11-1-i-ia. la -1..t111 1/. 9tENIPHASE LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM A loudspeaker system that is based on Audax drive units and uses a 12 dB Linkwitz filter. The closed box design enables the drive units to be located in a straight acoustical line. The use of a Linkwitz filter (Ref. 1) in a loudspeaker system makes sense only if the drive units are positioned in straight acoustical line. The three-way system presents nothing new, but the drive units have some special characteristics as will be seen later. Total costs for two loudspeakers (drive units, wood, filter components, etc.) is of the order of £250. Listening tests in which the uniphase system was compared with commercially available products show that the quality is roughly the same as that of a commercial system costing twice as much. The most noteworthy aspect of the box is the staggered front, which is essential to get the drive units in a straight acoustical line. This means that ...
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