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Slave Indication Unit For Intelligent Time Standard

Slave Indication Unit For Intelligent Time Standard
ElEjaoh1988 SLAVE INDICATION UNIT FOR INTELLIGENT TIME STANDARD The serial data output of the Intelligent Time Standard described last month is geared to driving a number of auxiliary time and date indication units installed at some distance from the master clock. Applications of the indication unit described here can be found in and around the home, in studios, offices, laboratories, schools, workshops, or any other building in which accurate, central, timekeeping is a must. The slave indication unit described here is an optional extension to the Intelligent Time Standard (DCF77 clock) described in (1). The unit has large time and date displays with automatic brightness regu- lation, and is connected to the Time Standard via a 2-wire cable. Circuit description At the heart of the present circuit is a pre-programmed microcontroller Type 8748H from Intel. The "invisible" program that controls the operation of the indication unit has been designed and loaded into the EPROM on board ...
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