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Test & Measuring Equipment

Test & Measuring Equipment
62 T E S T EE Kikusui COS-5042TM Kikusui are a well-established company producing a range of test equipment that includes signal generators, power sup- plies, FFT analysers, and a variety of oscilloscopes. Their COS-5000TM range of oscilloscopes extends from a "basic" 20 MHz model, the COS-5020TM, to the 100 MHz COS-5100TM. The COS- 5042TM, the top model in Kikusui"s 40 MHz range, costs £715, excluding VAT. The cheapest single timebase 40 MHz scope from Kikusui comes in at £565, excluding VAT. Accessories available include viewing hoods, trolleys, protective front covers, and a suitable camera mount. The two probes supplied with the 5042 are very similar to those provided with other Japanese scopes. The 5042"s small dimensions (288 mm (W) x 150 mm (H) x 370 mm (D)) make its use in conjunction with other instruments in a confined space particu- larly easy. It is a pity, though, that the 5042 is not provided with a swivel stand, something that with an instrument in this class is n...
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