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Peripheral Modules For Basic Computer

Peripheral Modules For Basic Computer
PERIPHERAL MODULES FOR BASIC COMPUTER Fm Technical characteristics: from an idea by J. Haudry The 8052-based single-board process and control computer introduced in 0) is a system designed with hardware expansion in mind. This article describes two modular input/output boards that are indispensable when the BASIC computer is to control digital or analogue peripherals. Peripheral modules for BASIC computer. Just for those who do not know: the sys- tem described in reference 0) is a single- board computer based on Intel"s Type 8052AH-BASIC v1.1 microcontroller. As indicated by the type number, the computer can be programmed in BASIC. Programming is done with the aid of a dumb terminal (or a host com- puter running a terminal emulation program), and a bidirectional RS232 link to the BASIC computer. The system can run programs from an on-board EPROM, and is, therefore, ideal for small-scale process and control appli- cations (`turnkey" systems). Interesting- ly, control software is wr...
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