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Midi Control Unit Q4

Midi Control Unit Q4
20 EE January 1989 MIDI CONTROL UNIT Q4 by H. van Bommel The MIDI control unit described here has been baptized `Q4" because it can quadruple the possibilities of a MIDI keyboard connected to one or more MIDI-compatible synthesizers or expanders. In other words: it brings quatre-mains (four hands) playing in MIDI within reach, and in addition allows quick sound preselections to be made, be it in the course of the musical piece just before a solo, or in between two pieces. Digital expander, digital sound module, digital synthesizer, digital keyboard, digital effects unit, digital drums, ....it appears that the more equipment is in- troduced that operates with digital cir- cuits, the fewer keys are left for the player to press. Much new MIDI equip- ment operates the minute the power cord is connected. But it is wrong to assume that the absence of keys and controls means a reduction of the number of available functions; indeed, the contrary is often true. The unit described here is i...
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