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Hybrid Vhf/Uhf Wideband Amplifiers

Hybrid Vhf/Uhf Wideband Amplifiers
18 EE March 1989 HYBRID VHF/UHF WIDEBAND AMPLIFIERS Recently, Philips Components have added a number of new devices to their well-established OM3xx and OM9xx ranges of hybrid wideband amplifiers made in thick-film technology. The five new integrated circuits provide a wide range of gains, and should be of particular interest for the design of VHF/UHF wideband boosters, since they require remarkably few additional compo- nents. A fully worked out application of the new chips in such a booster is included in this article. The new devices in Philips Components" series of integrated wideband amplifiers include a single-stage type, the 0M2045 with a gain of 12 dB, a two-stage type, the 0M2050 with a gain of 18 dB; and two three-stage types, the 0M2060 and 0M2061, with gains of 23 dB and 28 dB, respectively. All of these can be used as RF gain blocks with an input and output impedance of 75 Q, in the frequency range between 40 and 860 MHz. Since virtually all that is necessary for build...
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