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Special Feature: Tv And Video

Special Feature: Tv And Video
Mach191 SPECIAL FEATURE: TV AND VIDEO A look at some recent developments in the TV and video field, with a short introduction to the role of digital picture processing, a technique of great promise for noise reduction and run-time Super-VHS: last station before the digital era? Every owner of a VCR knows that the picture quality of the recording is slightly lower than that of the original programme. Clearly with recent developments in satellite broadcasting in mind, Super (S-) VHS aims at improving the performance of the VCR beyond that offered by VHS. The most important technical character- istic of S-VHS is the availability of separate inputs and outputs for Y (luminance) and C (chrominance) signals. To ensure downward compati- bility of the new S-VHS equipment with existing cameras, VCRs and monitors, CVBS (chrominance; video; blanking; sync) inputs and outputs are also pro- vided. In the European version of the S-VHS system, the frequency-modulated luminance signal has been sh...
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