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4 Mbyte printer buffer insertion card - 1:

4 Mbyte printer buffer insertion card - 1:
Printer buffers are usually thought of as computer peripherals, that is, 'boxes' connected between the computer and the printer. Put that thought aside for a moment and you will see the advantages of the insertion card version we propose here: no power supply, no case, no extra cables. The printer buffer presented here has a pretty large capacity, while also giving you a second printer port at the same I/O address. The card allows RAM ICs as weil as RAM modules (SIPP or SIMM types) to be used, and offers a total buffer capacity of 1 MByte or 4 MByte, depending on the type of memory fitted. Suitable for all types of IBM PC and compatible, be it a 286, 386 or 486 machine.
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