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23cm ATV preamplifier:

Low noise, high gain

23cm ATV preamplifier:
Amateur television (ATV) is among the most popular, technically advanced and exciting sub-activities available to the licenced radio amateur with an interest in centimetre-wave technology. These days, the main ATV activities are in the 23cm band (1252- 1285 MHz) where privately operated transmitters and relay stations may be received, often in full colour and complete with sound. The fun is not restricted to Ii- , censed amateurs, though! These transmissions can be picked up by anyone having a suitable antenna, an old satellite TV receiver and a preamplifier like the one Johannes, DL4EBJ, describes in this article. Based on GaAs-FET, MSA and microstrip technology, the design couples low noise with high gain. Although aimed at the advanced radio amateur, the preamplifier is relatively easy to build and adjust.
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