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Compiler for PIC16C84

with code optimisation

This article describes how to write PIC 16C84 assembler code programs using a compiler written for the Windows 95/98 platform.The PIC compiler allows programs to be written in a high-level language and it generates the necessary assembler code. The code can be modified, assembled or simulated using the (free) Microchip MPLAB software.There are considerable advantages in using a compiler. The ability to write a PIC program using English like commands is easier than programming directly in assembler language. Time taken to write and test software is usually much less with a compiled language, and to prove the point the Windows PIC compiler itself was written using a compiler.The PIC compiler is not based on any one high-level language but has elements of Pascal and Visual BASIC. Furthermore the compiler is flexible and allows for different program syntax. The compiler is written for the Windows environment, which should make the software easy to use. As all the necessary PIC codes are defined within the compiler program, no external setup or header files are needed.
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