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Multifunctional clock

A large display and many features

Multifunctional clock
Thanks to a built-in microprocessor, this clock has a wide range of features and settings. The six large figures of its display, which is made up of many 3-mm LEDs, it can be clearly read at a distance. And you can operate it with a two-button remote control unit.Nowadays you can get clocks in all sorts and sizes, from large to small and analogue or digital. Still, the designer of this clock has done his best to produce a unit with number of features that you rarely encounter in a clock.A few of the more eye-catching characteristics of this design are the very large numerals (36 mm high), which are made up of a number of separate 3-mm LEDs. Not only can the clock display the date and time, it can also display the ambient temperature measured by a sensor. In addition, the clock has an alarm with a switched output, which can be connected to other equipment.
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