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Working with SMDs

It’s just a matter of practice

Working with SMDs
Although surface-mounted devices (SMDs) have been a fact of life for a while already, even in DIY electronics, many hobbyists are still reluctant to use them. A few good tips and a bit of practice should help overcome any initial inhibitions.SMDs, with their minuscule dimensions and absence of pins, are still not particularly popular with DIY constructors. It must be admitted that they are considerably more difficult to work with than conventional components. On the other hand, they have the unique advantage that they allow extremely compact circuits to be built. And as for soldering SMDs — let’s just say that it’s like a lot of other things: once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll find that it’s not all that bad. Try practising with a few spare components after you have read this article. You will see that it’s not as difficult as you first thought.
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