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Universal Mobile Telephone Service (1)

From System 1 to UMTS

Universal Mobile Telephone Service (1)
The frequency allocation sell off for the next generation of mobile phones caused a stir this April when the U.K. government scooped £22.48 billion. More recently the German government netted a staggering £31.8 billion in its licence sell off. What new features can we expect from this next generation of mobile phone?The ETSI or European Telecommunications Standards Institute has defined a technology standard for the third generation of mobile phones called IMT-2000 or International Mobile Telecommunications 2000 These proposals have been approved by the ITU and also go by the name UMTS or Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. The main aim of this standard is to ensure global harmonisation of broadband mobile communications for 3G or Third Generation phones including frequency allocation and data transfer protocols. This will ensure that UMTS handsets will be compatible in whatever country adopts the network.
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