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IR Remote Control Codes (1)

formats, protocols and (in)compatibility

IR Remote Control Codes (1)
There are so many different remote control message formats currently in use that it can all be a bit confusing. If you are experimenting with remote controller IC’s then its important to know the different control protocols used by each manufacturer. This article seeks to describe the most popular protocols in current use.Its almost impossible to buy a TV today that doesn’t have a IR remote controller and its only when we temporarily mislay this device that we realise how useful they are. Back in 1975 when the first remote controllers appeared they used ultra sonic signals to send the control information, these were later superseded by the controllers that we are familiar with today using infra red. The infra red devices offer lower production costs, wide operating range and good communication security. A look inside a typical remote controller will show that it consists of only one IC. RC5, SIRCS/Control S, RECS80.
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