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Electronic Knotted Handkerchief

A microcontroller-based notepad

Electronic Knotted Handkerchief
How many times has the birthday of that rich uncle or that six-monthly appointment at the dentist slipped your mind? How many times have you forgotten to put out the rubbish? The solution is either a little mental training — or the idea presented here: an electronic knotted handkerchief.Key features– Space to store from 48 to 94 appointments (depending on the number of distinct events)– Schedule appointments up to 22 months ahead– Set times in steps of one hour– Advance notice period settable from 0 to 255 hours in steps of one hour– Appointments displayed for a period from 0 to 124 hours (without advance notice), settable in units of four hours– Battery life: one to two years using four alkaline AA cells (depending on duration and frequency of displayed appointments)
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Gerber file

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Component list
R1 = 10k?
R2,R4 = 22k?
R3,R5,R14,R20 = 100k?
R6-R13 = 1k?
R15 = 3M?3
R16 = 15k?
R17,R18,R19 = 4k?7
R21 = 56k?
R22 = 180k?
R23 = 47k?
P1 = 100k? preset
C1,C6 = 100µF 10V radial
C2 = 80pF trimmer
C3 = 82pF
C4,C5 = 100nF
C7-C10 = 1µF 10V radial
D1-D8,D11 = LED, red, low current
D9,D10 = 1N4148
IC1 = AT90S2313-10PC, programmed, order code 020308-41
IC2 = 4060N
IC3 = 4013
IC4 = 40106
IC5 = MAX232
T1 = BC338
T2,T4 = BC328
T3 = BC327
BT1 = 4 AA or AAA batteries with holder
K1 = 9-way sub-D socket (female), PCB mount, angled pins
X1 = 32.768kHz quartz crystal
Disk, order code 020308-11 or Free Download
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