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SSB receiver for 20 and 80m (1987)


SSB receiver for 20 and 80m (1987)
Out of curiosity I delved into the Elektor relics cabinet and pulled out an almost intact example of the 20/80 m SSB receiver we published in the November 1987 issue.
For the RF enthusiasts and old hands among you, a quick spec of the 1987 design would read like this: single-conversion USB/LSB receiver with 9-MHz IF; single free-running DG-MOSFET VCO; DG-MOSFET input stages with soft bandpass and IF notches, manual 20/80 m antenna switching; DG-MOSFET mixers; AGC acting on IF amp, 2.2-kHz audio.
As a bonus to our readers the original article from 1987 is made available as a free download.
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