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Universal JTAG Adaptor

For programming and emulation

Universal JTAG Adaptor
This adaptor was originally intended to allow programming of the memory and CPLD of the PSD813 used in the GBECG Gameboy cartridge, which converts this games console into an electrocardioscope (see October 2006 issue). But it’s much more universal than that (see box entitled ‘In-Circuit JTAG’) Our adaptor connects to a PC parallel port and uses the JTAG IEEE 1149.1 protocol.
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Gerber file

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Extra info / Update
A ready-programmed EP900LC device s supplied free when ordering PCB # 060287-1 from the Elektor SHOP
Component list
R1,R3-R27 = 100Ω
R28-R32,R34 = 100kΩ (SMD)
R33,R35,R26,R37 = 10kΩ (SMD)
(R2 not fitted)
C1 = 100nF (SMD 1206)
C2,C4 = 2µF2 (SMD 1206)
C3 = 220nF (SMD 1206)
C5,C7 = 47µF 10V radial
(C6 not fitted)
IC1 = EP900LC (programmed, order code 060287-41) *
IC2 = REG710-NA5
K1 (K_LPT) = 25-way sub-D plug, (male), right-angled pins, PCB mount
K2 (FLASHLINK), K3 (MSP430), K4 (XILINX) = 14-way 2-row pinheader
K5 (ALTERA) = 10-way 2-row pinheader
J1,J2 (SW) = 2-way DIP switch
PLCC-44 socket
Project software, file # 060287-11.zip
PCB, order code 060287-1
* Ready-programmed PLD supplied free when ordering PCB # 060287-1 from the Elektor SHOP
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