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Barometric Altimeter

Mountaineers, delta glider and UL pilots -- this one's 4 U

Barometric Altimeter
In this project a piezoresistive transducer measures the atmospheric pressure, enabling a PIC microcontroller to use the ISA model (with temperature compensation) to display your current height above sea level (ASL) on an LCD.
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Gerber file

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Extra info / Update

Specification and features
Altitude range: 0 to 11,000m A(M)SL
Compliant with ISA model, extended with temperature compensation
Barometer range: 15 kPa to 115 kPa
Resolution: 3 m.
Temperature range: –55 °C to +125 °C
Real Time Clock
Supply voltage: 6–15 VDC;
Current consumption
- LCD backlight on: 18 mA;
- LCD backlight off: 8 mA;
- Standby: 20 µA
Menu controlled
Software: C for PIC

Download the BOM list
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Component list
(1%, SMD 0805)
R1, R6 = 1kohm
R2 = 100kohm
R3 = not fitted (see text)
R4 = 0ohm
R5 = 10kohm
R7 = 4.7kohm
R8 = 750ohm
R9 = 100ohm

C1,C10 = 47µF /35V radial electrolytic, lead pitch 2.54mm (0.1")
C2,C3,C5,C6,C12 = 100nF 50V ceramic, X7R, SMD 0805
C4,C13 = 10µF 16V radial electrolytic, lead pitch 2.54mm (0.1")
C7 = not fitted (see text)
C8,C9 = 15pF ceramic, NP0, SMD 0805
C11 = 10nF 50V ceramic, X7R, SMD 0805
C14 = 330nF ceramic, X7R, SMD 0805

D1–D5 = TS4148, SMD 0805 (Farnell # 8150206)
IC1 = MCP1703T-5002E/CB, SOT-23, (Farnell # 1439519)
IC2 = TC77-5.0, SOT-23 (Farnell # 1292291)
IC3 = PIC18F2423, SO-Wide, programmed, Elektor Shop # 080444-41
IC4 = MPXHZ6115A6U or MPX5100A (Freescale), SSOP (see text)
T1,T2 = FDV304P, SOT-23 (Farnell # 9846123)

K1 = 4-way SIL pinheader, right angled solder pins, lead pitch 2.54mm (0.1")
K2 = 5-way SIL pinheader, right angled solder pins, lead pitch 2.54mm (0.1")
L1 = 10µH ferrite inductor, SMD 1812 (Farnell # 1174073)
LCD1 = 2x16, alphanumeric, DEM16217 SYH-PY /V, e.g. Elektor Shop # 030451-72
PC1,PC2 = solder pin, 1mm diam.
S1–S4 = switch, tactile, SPNO
X1 = 32.768kHz quartz crystal, cylindrical case
4 PCB supports, nylon, 12mm height, 4.6mm diam. (Farnell # 1325986)
PCB, ref. 080444-1 from www.thepcbshop.com

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