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Touch LEDs for Arduino

A cheap 4×4 Monome shield

Touch LEDs for Arduino
Most of the projects published in Elektor simply provide a solution to a problem or fulfil a need. Even though their designers have often tried to propose an elegant circuit or design an attractive PCB, the aesthetic effect of the project itself, if there is one, usually takes second place. One exception is the Monome open source project, a USB luminous matrix keyboard that was designed to be good-looking. Here, it’s the application that seems to have been relegated to second place.
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Gerber file

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Extra info / Update
Main Specifications
- 4x4 Monome shield for Arduino
- Open source hardware
- 16 push buttons
- 16 LEDs
- TLC5940NT LED controller
- 12-bit LED brightness control
Component list

R1 = 3.3kohm
C1 = 100nF
D1–D16 = LED, 10mm diam.
IC1 = TLC5940NT
S1–S16 = miniature pushbutton, 6x6 mm, e.g. Omron type B3W1000
2 pcs 6-way SIL pinheader, 0.1" 2.54mm) lead pitch
2 pcs 8-way SIL pinheader, 0.1" 2.54mm) lead pitch
PCB # 090527-1 [1]
Arduino board

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