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Introducing mbed

nxp mbed design challenge

Introducing mbed

Ready to start prototyping the mbed way? Here you learn how mbed’s cocreator Simon Ford took the design from concept to creation! The mbed microcontroller and tools now make rapid prototyping a cinch.

When Circuit Cellar and Elektor approached me about running a “design challenge” around mbed, I saw an opportunity to do something special. Bringing together the mbed platform we’ve been developing and a gaggle of innovative engineers should be a recipe for some great results! We’re setting out to help make the microcontroller world a better place by laying down a very specific, yet wide-ranging, challenge: What technology can you help unlock for your fellow innovators?

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Simon Ford (UK), co-creator of mbed, is a lifelong electronics and computer engineer. He works at ARM, and before starting mbed was technical lead for the ARMv7/NEON architecture now found in most new smartphones.

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