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Upcoming in Elektor

Upcoming in Elektor
OTA Overdrive The sound of an electric guitar is thin and its output signal just begs to be treated with all sorts of electrical and electronic devices and processes. Our OTA Overdrive employs selected germanium diodes and Operational Transconductance Amplifiers (OTAs) to generate special guitar sounds. The circuit is built from discrete components and was designed to fit in a compact case. Experimenter’s Transistor Tester This month’s Experimenter’s Function Generator was the second e-lab instrument based around Elektor’s Platino control board. In the next edition we continue with a handy transistor tester enabling all kinds of bipolar transistors, JFETs and MOSFETs to be tested. The four-line LCD shows the pinout and various parameters for the semiconductor under test. BL600 e-BoB Elektor’s series of break-out-boards or e-BoBs (handy small modules for use on a larger board or breadboard) is growing steadily. The newest member is the BL600 e-BoB, a small PCB with a Laird Technologies BL600-SA Bluetooth module ready-soldered on it. The e-BoB module employs the Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 standard, resulting in remarkably low energy consumption.
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