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BBC micro:bit Weather Station

Based on a Labs project | April 2016 | Find it here
BBC micro:bit Weather Station
The BBC micro:bit is a small powerhouse loaded with cool functions and supported by a suite of excellent development tools and libraries. Its edge connector allows access to goodies like GPIO ports, analog inputs, an I²C bus and an SPI port. To show how to use it we build a small weather station for it.
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Component list
Component List
5%, 50V, 0.1W, 0603
R1 = 680Ohm
R2, R3 = 10kOhm
C1 = 100nF, 0603
IC1 = BME280
LED1 = LED, green, 0603
K1 = socket, PCB-to-PCB, 2x40 links, 0.05’’ (1.27mm) pitch
K2 = pinheader, 1x21 pins, 0.1" pitch
PCB # 150652-1 v2.1
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