EEBus specs, now available to anyone

June 23, 2016 | 03:43
Part of the SPINE specs (source:
Part of the SPINE specs (source:
The Internet of Things is, no doubt, the flavour of the month but everywhere you also hear the complaint that systems developed so far cannot work together because they are lacking a common application protocol. The EEBus initiative, now adopted by many domestic appliance manufacturers and the Association of the German automobile industry, is about to change all that. The basis of the system’s interoperability is its SPINE (Smart Premises Interoperable Neutral-Message Exchange) data model. The key aspect of this solution is that it is technology-neutral, this means for example that both IP and non-IP protocols are supported. According to the EEBus initiative, existing technologies such as Modbus, ZigBee or KNX are all interoperable with the EEBus concept.

One criticism of the EEBus standard when it was first introduced was that it was not freely available. Fortunately all that has changed and the EEBus specification 1.0 is available for download from the association’s web site. Anyone can download and use it in any project, it’s just necessary to register with your name and email address. This EEBus concept began as a German initiative and now has an increasing number of international partners, further consolidating its position in the market.

We plan to devote an article to this concept in an upcoming edition of Elektor.

EEBus web site:
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