Free Fresh Article: Locating Wayward Wires

February 14, 2020 | 00:00
Free Fresh Article: Locating Wayward Wires
Free Fresh Article: Locating Wayward Wires
This time we present an el-cheapo method to locate wiring and cabling hidden from sight. “Locating Wayward Wires” is from the Homelab category of articles, meaning the material as presented is intended to spur your own experiments and increase your skills rather than just replicate a tried & tested Elektor Labs PCB.

Using an old transistor radio tuned to LW (long wave) for a pickup device, and a signal injector slapped up around a 556 IC outputting a test signal on 185 kHz. This combination allows you to trace buried cables with ease and accuracy.

Whether carrying AC, DC or 'harmless pulses', every cable should be kept safe from damage, meaning its position should be known with some accuracy before anyone starts digging the soil or drilling in a wall or floor. Hence our advice to invest some time and effort to build this simple circuit and Listen to the Radio once again.

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