[ON HOLD] pi-top: a 14" RPi laptop aimed at makers

October 19, 2017 | 00:58
pi-top has space for your own circuits.
pi-top has space for your own circuits.
pi-top is a kit of parts including a Raspberry Pi 3, a 14 " HD display with housing, keyboard and battery. The finished product looks similar to a laptop but the design of this modular self-build kit makes it particularly attractive to the maker community. There is space underneath the forward-sliding keyboard for the RPi and any additional electronic projects you care to add to the system.

This new pi-top is available now through various distributors. In addition to the sliding keyboard with touchpad, there are also modular mounting rails for boards, where your own hardware can be installed. Further accessories include LEDs, microphone, loudspeaker as well as pi-topPROTO + which is a HAT-compatible prototyping plug-board for building your own circuits.

The pi-top Polaris operating system contains learning apps such as the pi-topCLASSROOM which allows educators to manage classes, alter or create lesson plans and track student progress. Pi-topCODER and pi-topPROTO support practical programming. Tools such as Scratch and CEEDuniverse also help with the teaching of programming techniques. Google Office suite and Chromium come pre-installed. Retailing at around $320 (including an RPi 3) this maker-laptop is versatile but not particularly cheap
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