Nice idea for a gift, but beware of misunderstandings

Apart from this detail, the manual is perfect in that it explains the workings of the circuit and gives the precise range of these very low frequency modulations from 4 to 23 Hz. One item in the schematic merits a mention: the amplitude modulation, here called “envelope” but which is in fact a tremolo, is handled by the audio output stage by the microcontroller using T3 (ref the schematic below).

In conclusion, I am struck by the fact that the pretty front panel promises a lot more than the kit can really do. I know that for less than 30 € you should not expect functions that really correspond to the grand sounding inscriptions such as 'REC' or 'AUX'  or 'MASTER' or 'STATIC CONF' (?), but what’s the point in throwing dust in our eyes?

This process clearly puts this min-synthesizer among the beginners kits that promise dreams of music but leave the real thing to….. another kit!

Why can’t Elektor offer kits with the sound and musical qualities being as good as the purely electronic quality of this one?
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